Be still, and know that I am God.  I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” Psalm 46:10


The afternoon final exam time is actually 1-5 p.m.; not 1-4 p.m. as previously announced. Morning exams are 8 a.m. - noon. Students will have a four-hour window for their exams.



Please refer to the Crusader Communicator that was emailed today for full details from Mr. Holzheimer about final exams. A link is also available on the LHS website under the Newsletters tab.



We have made it through April! I (Mr. Holzheimer) have a few dates that I want to throw out there. 

First of all, I appreciate how the students and teachers have been working to make Alternative Learning work. It is a grind from a student and from a teacher perspective, but unfortunately, this is how school has to operate at this time. Students are still being graded and assessed. Work still needs to be completed. Students need to continue to check email, Unified Classroom, and Google classroom. Parents, follow your son or daughter’s progress via Powerschool. If there are questions, please encourage your child to communicate with your teacher. Just a few more weeks!  We can do this!

A few weeks ago we took one of our originally-scheduled days off, May 8th, and changed it to a full school day. After a few weeks of alternative learning, and sensing that our students and teachers could use a break, we are going to put that day-off back on the calendar. A virtual snow day, if you will. What that means is that students and teachers will have a day when no assignments, quizzes or tests are due. Just taking a little breather as we head into the last few weeks. Use it as a day to get caught up on school work, take a longer run or walk, help out around the house. Something outside the routine. To repeat, NO SCHOOL on Friday, MAY 8th.

Seniors and Senior’s parents, thank you for the responses on the survey I sent out. Overwhelmingly, a live graduation service is desired even if it is later. One thing that needs to be considered is that some of our students leave for the military in June and July.  We also have to be mindful of the do’s and don’t that are put out there by the Safer at Home Order. Based on the results and all the items mentioned above, here is what the graduation plan looks like as of April 30th. 

  • If we are able to have a live service, we will have it July 1st.  Hopefully we can invite everyone; however if we have to limit people, then we will limit attendance by graduates and 2 guests. If we are able to have only 50 people in the gym for a gathering, then it will be just the graduates and the necessary school personnel. The service will be live-streamed. 
  • If we cannot gather on July 1st, then we will be forced to do a virtual graduation.  

I appreciate the feedback. It was helpful to hear your responses to formulate a plan.  I am hopeful that things return to normal very soon. Take care and God Bless!



This afternoon we were made aware that Tony Evers has extended the Safer at Home order though May 26. In that Proclamation, he has also ordered schools to be closed the rest of the year. This is unfortunate on many levels. From a school standpoint, the interaction with students and their friends and with teacher and staff are missed.  I feel terrible for our musical people, forensics members, and Spring Sport athletes. I feel bad for our Seniors who would have never imagined that the 4th quarter of their Senior year would end like this. 

School will continue to be online, similar to what it has been the last week and a half.  Again, please make sure your child is looking at each class each day. Check emails, get on Unified Classroom, check in via live or discussion posts or simply answer  the question of the day.   

The past few weeks we have been looking at different scenarios for some of the upcoming end-of-year school events. Now that the stay at home order has been extended, we have some clearer direction as to how to proceed. We will be meeting early next week to finalize plans for events planned at the end of the school year.  We will look to share those immediately after they are set. 



We made it through week one!   Thank you students, teachers, and parents for a great 1st week.   Just a couple reminders. Check in daily with all of your classes.  Check your emails multiple times a day. Assignments and daily check-ins are how we are checking student’s attendance. 

Just a reminder, we will not have school on Good Friday, but we will resume school on Monday.  

If your child is ill or needs to have a procedure done or some other issue,  while we are doing this online learning, please notify their teachers and Mr. Holzheimer.   

For those of you that filled out a TADS form,  you will receive your financial aid awards the last week of April.  The registration deadline has moved to May 15th. 



Welcome back to school. Well kind of.  We had a little glitch with PowerSchool, but we are up and running. You know we are so thankful to have someone like Mr. Schmidt will be here to get on the phone with PowerSchool and get them working on the issue immediately.  This issue was a PowerSchool issue not a Lutheran High issue. Side note: A number of schools have been experiencing some sort of issue during this time. If we have an issue again, we have Mr. Schmidt on our side to get things figured out and work with PowerSchool to resolve as quickly as we can. 

I hope that you took the opportunity to celebrate Palm Sunday and will take the opportunity to worship individually and electronically during Holy week. Your Spiritual health is a major concern for us.

Again it is important for students to check in daily with Unified or Google Classrooms.   Also it is important for students to check their emails multiple times during the day. 

Please make sure that you are communicating with teachers if you are having trouble getting assignments turned in.  

It is really quiet around here without students and teachers. We are hopeful that we will have a chance to continue with normal school, have some activities, and end the school year like any other year. We also have some good news to share.  There is huge progress being made on the Worship Fine Arts Center. The weather has been favorable and the grounds are dry enough to do more work on the site. Please continue to pray for our workers and their safety.

That is all I have for now.  Welcome back! God Bless and Stay Safe!


4/2 Update

Good afternoon!  Happy Thursday!  

I would like to start this email to say thank you to our teachers and staff for working diligently to get items ready for the alternate learning kickoff.  This is new territory for all of us, teachers, students, staff, and administrators. However, I am confident that we will figure this out and education will be happening, albeit a different way. 

One area that we are struggling a little bit with is distribution of items. I know that teachers have been telling people to pick up different items which has created multiple trips for some. However once we get going this should be more streamlined.  Again the goal is to have a once-a-week pick up. Just a reminder that the school is open 12-6 Monday thru Thursday for pickup of items.

If they have not already, please have your child access their unified classroom. Have them get familiar with it.  Some items for their classes may be posted already. There may be some preparation stuff to help get ready for Monday. Perhaps they could get a head start on the week.  Check it out!

I encourage you to check out one of the online or sign up to attend one of the Palm Sunday services this coming Sunday. 

I would like to share the following prayer with you that I picked up from a recent service bulletin.   “Almighty and everlasting God, You sent Your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, to take upon Himself our flesh and to suffer death upon the cross. Mercifully grant that we may follow the example of His great humility and patience and be made partakers of His resurrection; through the same Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.”

Take care and God Bless.

3/30 Update

Good afternoon, 

I want to say welcome back from your Spring Break, however I am certain many of you had your plans change and remained at home last week. 

We are one week away (April 6) from delivering our alternative education.  As we get ready, just a reminder of a few items. 

Please let the school know, specifically myself (Mr. Holzheimer), if your son or daughter does not have access to the internet or if it is limited. 

Please make sure that your child has a device to complete work.  We have chromebooks available at school for checkout. 

I know this sounds like a broken record, but please make sure that your child can access their Unified Classroom and have access to their Lutheran High email.  There will be times when a class may be live-streamed (which will also be recorded to view later as well), where you have an opportunity to be a part of a discussion group, or simply have time to go over something live with a teacher.  It will be the responsibility of the student to check their emails to be in the know of what is going on in their class. I would suggest for them to be checking their emails at least three times a day. Communication is Key!

Again the school is open from 12-6 PM Monday thru Thursday to pick up items.  I know some of you were waiting for Geography books, they are here and ready to distribute.  Many of the art students have items such as sketch books that are in the office for pick up. Band students, if you need your instruments please come and get them as well. 

Construction continues at Sheboygan Lutheran so please be cautious as you drive into the school parking lot.  Equipment and trucks are used to not having traffic since the break and the stay at home order. The main school office doors should be used.  We hope you continue to have some quality family time as you prepare for next week.


3/25  Update

Good afternoon, 

With the new Safer at Home Order by Gov. Evers, we have adjusted a few things for the next few weeks.  (Until April 24)

Students will still be able to come in and get items needed to assist them for alternative learning.   Office Hours will be from 12 noon until 6 PM, Monday thru Thursday. This will be in effect starting tomorrow, March 26. 

During our alternative learning, attendance is being monitored by the turning in of assignments.   It is the student's responsibility to acquire their assignment, complete the task, and submit the assignment using the appropriate method.  Please discuss with your son or daughter the importance of getting their work accomplished and communicating with their teacher any issues with the assignment, or if they are struggling to upload their assignments.

There are a number of Freshmen and Juniors that need to come in and pick up a book for their classes.  Please make arrangements to come in to get these during the time that we are open. If the 12-6 window does not work, please email me at

I have had a number of you ask about service hours.  Previous emails would have referred to service hours required from theology classes in the 3rd Quarter.   NHS service hours questions are handled by Mr. Muth. In respect to 4th Quarter service hours, we are having some discussions with the theology staff as to what that will look like. As soon as we have that determined, we will communicate that to you. 

As always stay tuned for updates.  


Update 3/23/2020

Good afternoon,   

Just wanted to take a moment to update you on a few items since our last post. We will look to  keep posting info on at least an every other day basis. 

Friday we had a virtual meeting to discuss how we will proceed forward with our alternative learning.  I want you to know that our staff is working to do the best they can to continue to deliver your child’s education in a different method.  Again, as previously stated, we will begin rolling out alternative learning on April 6. 

From what I am hearing, Governor Evers is ordering a Safer at Home policy.  From what I understand at this time, it will take effect beginning Thursday.   If you are in need of a chrome book or you need to get your books or items from your locker, please take care of this by Wednesday.   Effective Thursday, the school will be closed until further notice. 

If you need service hours, please contact me (Mr. Holzheimer) ASAP, so we can figure out what to do.  It looks like we will need to get this taken care of by Wednesday. 

Parents and students, we will be operating through Unified Classroom and via your Lutheran High email account.  Students need to be familiar with this and will need to be in a habit of checking this daily. Please go through this with them and let us know if there are any glitches.

 As families, let’s use this bonus time in our homes to share meals, conversation, and play time. Pick up your phone and give someone a call that you have not heard from in a while.   I actually connected with a few people this weekend and it was wonderful to just sit and talk with them! 

As Christians, let’s use this time to be in God’s word and in prayer.  From what I understand many of our local churches have their church services  recorded on their web page. Check it out!

Stay Tuned, Stay Safe, and Stay Healthy!


Here is a link to an article from Mental Health America in Sheboygan County:  COVID-19 Mental Health & Support Resources

Update 3/19/2020

Good afternoon.  Just wanted to give you a quick update that we are working diligently to get things ready for alternate learning.    We will be planning to launch this on April 6th.  Please note that those enrolled in CAPP Courses could be required to start earlier. 

Starting next week, if students do not have an electronic device to use at home, they will be able to check out a Chromebook.   Below is a form that will need to be filled out in order to check out a Chromebook.  This form requires a parent and a student to sign.   Either bring a signed form in to the school or we will have a form available for you to fill out. 

There are many people affected by this pandemic.   Please pray for strength and wisdom for our leaders, Pray for those that have the virus that they are back to health quickly.   Pray for those that are working in the medical field.   Pray for those that are losing jobs, that this is temporary.  Pray for our students and teachers as we enter a different delivery of learning.   We have a lot to bring to the Lord in prayer during this time.   Praise Him for being the one that takes on our burdens.

Click here for the form


Updated 3/17/2020

Dear Parents,

May God’s peace be with you during this time of uncertainty. As each day passes, the government seems to change the dynamic of our education for this year. As you already know, we have closed school Tuesday and Wednesday.

The third quarter officially ended March 16th. Please inform your child that they will have until next Friday, March 27th to get work turned in for credit. Please look at Powerschool to see if there is any missing work. Each teacher has a different policy in respect to late work. There may be a few items that were assigned in the last couple of days that your child’s teachers may ask them to still turn in. Your teachers will inform you whether they want you to deliver recent assignments or any late work, to school or via email. 

If you deliver homework to school, please bring it to the office and we will put it in the teacher’s mailbox. The office will be open 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Monday thru Friday. If a student needs to use a computer, they may also stop in during those times.

We pray that you find time to be in the Word as a family.  There are many blessings now that we have more time to spend together as a family.