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Crusader Independent Academy Online Courses

Sheboygan Lutheran High teachers are preparing to launch an exciting new addition to course offerings, and these will be available starting the fall of 2012. Crusader Independent Academy (CIA) courses will be independent study courses that fulfill elective credit requirements. There are several reasons a student may wish to take a CIA course:

  1. To experience taking a self-study modular/online course. Self-study classes force students to manage time and homework load & be more independent learners, moving them a step closer to being college-ready. 
  2. The courses may be taken at any time during the school day. Sometimes students cannot take certain classes due to schedule constraints. That is never an issue with CIA courses. 
  3. To take a class outside the traditional offerings. Students are able to explore a field that is not offered in the classroom setting but still offers valuable knowledge and skills. 

Each course has been designed to require approximately 100 hours of student work time. In a traditional semester course, you are in class for approximately 60 hours and probably complete a couple hours of outside work each week, so your total time spent on the CIA course will be very comparable.

As a CIA student, you will report to the IMC during your scheduled period to work on your class. Some classes may have a requirement to meet face-to-face with your instructor a number of times during the semester. You & your instructor will arrange these meetings. Like any other course, you must complete all requirements by the end of the semester.

Course modules have been designed by LHS teachers, but the supervising teacher may vary depending on teachers’ schedules and course loads.

None of the current CIA courses replace a required course at Lutheran High. They may be requested as one of your electives. Simply write the course(s) you wish to take in Step 3 (Electives) of your Course Request Form.


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Creative Writing

HD Geometry

Marine Biology

Novelas Españolas

Portfolio Development

Washington D.C.

Note: You will only be able to access a class if you are enrolled for that class.  If you are enrolled but are having trouble accessing your class, please see your instructor.